Welcome to the new website of the Oratory of the Good Shepherd (OGS).

OGS is an Anglican Religious Community of brothers, lay and ordained, founded at Cambridge in 1913, which has provinces in North America, Australia, Southern Africa and in Europe. Oratorians are bound together by a common Rule and discipline and seek to live a life shaped on the Seven Notes. Although brothers don’t generally live together in community, they are grouped into ‘colleges’ and meet regularly for prayer and support, and there also regular gatherings for fellowship and retreats as Provinces and the whole Oratory.

As well as celibate brothers, the Oratory family includes Companions – who have their own Rule and report to one of the professed brethren.

We hope that our website will give you a glimpse into our life, please do get in touch if you want to explore further.

The Visitor of OGS, Bishop Rowan Williams, gives an introduction to our life after leading the brothers and companions in Retreat at General Chapter 2022.


Heavenly Father, we pray that you will strengthen and sustain us,
as we seek to serve you within the life of the Oratory.
Enliven us with your Holy Spirit, that we may turn to you
in penitence, faith and love,
so that we and all creation may rejoice in your presence;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Oratory of the Good Shepherd is a religious society
and a company limited by guarantee.
Registered in England and Wales: Number 06683938
Registered Office: Faiers House, Gilray Road, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4WR, UK